Logo Design & Brand Guidelines

Your logo makes a statement about who you are and what you do. It should be unique to your organization, yet versatile enough to be used across a wide variety of marketing channels and platforms.

Our interactive process ensures that you end up with a “look and feel” that looks and feels like you. Then, we give you guidelines – including logos, colour palettes, and typography – to help you use them correctly and consistently in all creative executions.


When it comes to branding, consistency is everything. Evergreen can help you to create engaging and cohesive content to deliver a consistent brand experience through every customer interaction — whether in print, online, or in person. We’ll help you establish your brand’s personality and voice, with key messages that you can leverage when talking about your organization.

Brand Assets & Templates

Once your visual brand is established, we can get you using it. Our design team can create anything from new business cards and letterhead to a fresh brochure that showcases your new look. We can also set up some social media templates to get you started, and provide you with training and best practices. We can tackle design projects of any size and scope to bring your new brand to life.

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